There is a greener way to roll!

WIND Cable Services, TMA Logistics and Bredenoord have successfully conducted a trial – eliminating the use of conventional generators to power project equipment.

For a subsea cable storage project, we used a 300 kWh battery box as a power reservoir to absorb peak loads during cabling operations, while the battery box charged via the TMA green shore power facility. With reliability being of the essence for our clients, a conventional backup generator was still present on-site, although not required.

Thanks to the commitment of the team, this 20 day operation was run on 100% green energy saving approximately 9,000 kg/9 tonnes of CO² emissions! That’s the equivalent of 1 average car driving on gasoline for 4.5 years!

WIND Cable Services and TMA Logistics are strongly committed to reducing carbon emissions through our collaboration, emphasising our real dedication to a greener and more sustainable future.

Want to power your next cable storage project on green energy? – let’s roll!