Cable Recovery Vessel Layla returned home for drydocking.

CRV Layla, owned and operated by Mertech Marine & WIND, arrived back in The Netherlands after 3 years of cleaning the ocean. During this period MV Layla recovered and recycled over 15,000km of out of service subsea cables. In the process Mertech Marine was able to put 16,000Mt of plastic and metals, recovered from the seabed, back into the circular economy, saving Co2 and decreasing mankind’s environmental footprint.

The vast network of undersea telecommunication cables which criss-cross our oceans provide the vital backbone which supports worldwide communication, economic activity and global stability. Recovering and recycling those cables where it makes sense from an environmental impact point of view is a responsible initiative which enhances the long term business case for these cable systems.

Mertech Marine & WIND, operates 3 cable recovery vessels and a cable recycling factory. Each year they retrieve and recycle approximately 20,000Mt of plastic, steel and copper from the marine environment.

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