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Recovery of out-of-service cables from the seabed is a key part of our business, one that currently focuses on the recovery of subsea communications cables. These activities yield major environmental benefits as recycling defunct cables re-introduces a huge amount of high quality metals and plastics back into the global supply chain.

We started cable recovery operations in 2008, joining forces with cable recovery specialist Mertech Marine to convert one of our own vessels into a subsea cable recovery vessel. This was the mv Lida – one of her first projects was the recovery of the 8,000 km SAT-1 communications cable, which was laid between Portugal and South Africa in the mid-1960s. The mv Lida completed this project successfully – a significant achievement which represented a milestone that changed the cable recovery sector.

Responding to this ever-growing market, we expanded our cable recovery operations by converting two more of our vessels, the mv Layla in 2017, and the mv Aniek in 2019. All three vessels now work on cable recovery projects worldwide.

The added value of the fleet

Using a relatively small vessel with specialist crews for cable recovery works makes operations not only cost-efficient, but also increases the environmental benefit of the project. Recovered cables are recycled which reduces the use of natural resources.

  • All procedures aligned with ICPC regulations
  • Three fit-for-purpose cable recovery vessels
  • More 30,000 km of subsea cable recovered and recycled

Cable recovery and recycling is a business with sustainability at its core.”


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WIND provides full-service solutions for transport, handling and storage of subsea cables and flexibles, and cable recovery of subsea telecommunication cables. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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