Projects in Asia & Middle East

Saudi Arabia

Client: McDermott
Type services: Handling
Total cable length: 16km
Year: 2019

WIND was hired to transfer two power cables from a transport vessel to a cable laying barge. The cables were respectively 11km and 5km long and designed to transfer electricity from platform to platform and from platform to shore.

China (Nantong)

Client: ZTT
Type services: Handling & transport,
Total cable length: 27km
Year: 2018/2019

Four cables were loaded by WIND at the factory berth of cable manufacturer Zhongtian Technology Submarine Cable Co., Ltd (ZTT) in Nantong, China. The cables with a total weight of 2,300 ton were transferred into a carousel in the transport vessel. In Eemshaven the cables were transferred directly to the CLV Nexus.


Client: Strategic Marine
Type services: Vessel chartering
Total cable length: 2 Ferries
Year: 2018

In 2018 WIND sorced a vessel for transport of two new ferries from the ship yard in Vietnam to the off-float location in The Netherlands. As the transport vessel was a semi-submersible vessel a float-on and float-off operation was required.

Saudi Arabia

Client: McDermott
Type services: Handling & transport
Total cable length: 9km
Year: 2017

WIND was asked to transport a subsea power cable, spare cable on a reel and accessories from the cable factory in Norway to Jubail, Saudi Arabia. WIND loaded all products into the chartered transport vessel and unloaded it partly to shore and partly to the cable laying barge Intermac 406.

Sharjah (UAE)

Client: Leighton Offshore
Type services: Handling & transport
Total cable length: 58km
Year: 2017

Another turn-key transport solution for an UAE based oil and gas company. 57km of subsea power cable plus 46km of fibre optic cable were loaded at two locations of a cable manufacturer in Norway and brought to the storage location of the client in Sharjah, UAE.

Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Client: Petrofac
Type services: Handling, transport & temporary storage
Total cable length: 45km + 1Reels
Year: 2015

A cable transport from the cable factory in the UK to the storage location in Abu Dhabi. Two cables of approximately 21km were spooled into the carousel in the transport vessel and spooled to the storage carousel in Abu Dhabi, also provided and mobilised by WIND. After that, two cable transfer projects followed to transfer the cables to the CLV Maritime I.

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