WIND acquires Offshore Cable Equipment BV (OCE)
Last week WIND has completed the acquisition of Offshore Cable Equipment BV (OCE). OCE is a rental/retail company of offshore subsea cable carousels from 300 mt uptill 7000 mt capacity. Currently OCE operates a fleet of 5 carousels from 300 mt uptill 7000 mt. For further information about OCE see
Tom Nooij, CEO of the WIND group, explains; WIND is an important link in the supply chain for constructions and O&M of offshore wind farms worldwide. With the current growing demand, we were aiming to secure our own supply chain to minimise risk to our clients. By the acquisition of OCE, we welcome a new ambitious player in our group, securing our demand of Offshore cable equipment.
OCE will further develop the engineering of carousels and auxiliary equipment and will expand her rental fleet of carousels upto 10,000 mt capacity.